Project cycle

The Live Notation project has reached the end of its first cycle, and we are now in the process of bringing together and archiving documentation from the project.  Over the coming weeks we will publish photos, video, the C4CC panel transcript, and thoughts from participants.

As a taster, here are some photographs from the Live Notation Unit performances at the Arnolfini. Click to see an album from each performance.

Thor Magnusson – DroneMachine

Brigid McLeer and Kate Sicchio

Sam Aaron


Hester Reeve and Slub – Hair of the Horse

Live Notation Unit at the Bristol Arnolfini, 27th July 2012

Live artists and live coders, working towards live notation

27th July 2012
Arnolfini, Bristol BS1 4QA

Symposium and performances

The Live Notation Unit (LNU) takes over the Arnolfini for a day using its spaces as an experimental laboratory in which to combine two radical performance practices: Live Art and Live Coding.

The LNU will approach programming as performance art, performance art notation as code, code as speech, bodies as interpreters, and more.

On the menu are improvisational sound works (where computer code and the artists’ bodies become instruments), site-specific time based art works (where notation becomes the ‘piece’ as opposed to its recording device) and a series of position papers proposing what the LNU’s new term “live notation” might signify.

Bringing together Sam Aaron, Geoff Cox, Yuen Fong Ling, Dave Griffiths, Alex McLean, Brigid Mcleer, Thor Magnusson, Click Nilson, Hester Reeve, Kate Sicchio, Andre Stitt, Maria X, and Matthew Yee-King.

For more information and a preliminary programme, please the Live Notation Unit website:

Live Notation is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Thursday Club Event at C4CC, Kings Cross, London

Thursday April 19th 10am-1pm
at The Centre for Creative Collaboration
16 Acton Street, London, Greater London (WC1X 9NG)
Registration (free)

“Live Notation – Extending Matters of Performance” is an event exploring the possibilities of relating live coding (performing with programming languages) with live art (performing with actions).  In particular, we confront the possibilities opened up for digital aesthetics, computer music and live art in relation to performed physical labour and its potential temporal resonance through signs and symbols.

The event will be led by Geoff Cox (Digital Urban Living Research Centre, Aarhus University & Associate Curator of Online Projects at the Arnolfini), joined by a panel of  live coders and live artists including Hester Reeve (Live Artist; HRH.the) and Alex McLean (Live Coder; Slub).

This is a Goldsmiths Thursday Club event, but please note the venue is in Kings Cross, not New Cross!

All are welcome, but please register.

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